4 Panel Starter Kit

DIY Solar for $1.46/watt

with Federal Tax Credit

Go from Solar Curious to Solar Confident with a DIY Kit from 1st Step Solar.

Faster Payback, Period

A well-placed 4-panel system will produce about $200 of electricity per year (in the Midwest). With the EITC tax credit that's about a 6-year payoff (or less).  Your panels continue to save you hundreds of dollars per year for decades to come.

Use our PV-Watts powered app to compute your savings based on your exact location.

Our custom roof bases are a deck mount system, so it installs right on top of your shingles. No finicky flashing. No searching for rafters. No lugging long bulky rails onto your roof. Start with 4 panels and easily add more at any time.


View your real-time solar production from anywhere 24/7 with the solar monitor app, which logs both your savings and environmental impact over time.


Take Command
of Your Energy Bill

Good to Know.

How do the panels power my house?

Just plug the included cord into any standard outlet on a dedicated circuit. After a 5 minute safety check is completed, your panels will begin powering your home and saving you money.

Do I need any tools?

Just a drill motor, a 1/2" drill bit, and a phillips screwdriver will have you well on your way to saving money and the planet.

What is this EITC tax credit "26%" thing I keep seeing asterisk* for?

*Anything you spend on solar in 2020 qualifies for a 26% Federal tax credit.

We'll make sure to send you these super simple instructions before tax season so you can get that money back when you file your taxes!

Will I need to do any maintenance, such as cleaning the panels or replacing parts?

No maintenance is required. The panels will self-clean with rain. (Assuming you live in a rainy climate, sorry Arizona) The solar panels and microinverters have a minimum life-expectancy of 25 years, - four times longer than the typical payback period.

"Do you have 2 hours this Saturday?"

Two hours is about all you'll need to get your kit fully installed and producing power for your home (really! we've actually timed it). Start in the center of your space, use the included template to space the mounts, then attach your panels. You'll be done in no time. 


It's that easy.

PV Watts makes your phone a virtual solar panel in your hand. Calculate payback in real-time. FREE

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Works with Starter kit!

Works with Starter kit!

Power Monitor Included

a watt!

a watt!

4 Panel 760W Starter Kit


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No hidden costs, everything you need to start powering your home with solar. 60-day money-back guarantee. 

First Edition - 1st Step Solar Kits 

No hidden costs, everything you need to start powering your home with solar. 60-day money-back guarantee. Free Shipping to the Continental US.


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4 Panel 760W Expansion Kit