Frequently asked questions

How do the panels power my house?

Just plug the included cord into any standard outlet on a dedicated circuit. After a 5 minute safety check is completed, your panels will begin powering your home - and start saving you money.

Do I need any tools?

Just a drill, a 1/2" drill bit, and a phillips screwdriver. Saving money and the planet is sometimes that easy.

Doesn’t Solar take like 20+ years to payback?

Yes, if you pay a big expensive contractor for a big expensive system.

Or just get a 1st step solar kit, easily install it yourself, and you'll be paid back in 6 years or less.

How do I know where to put them?

Use Google's Project Sunroof (insert hyperlink) and look for the most golden spot on your roof

In North America, start with South first, but even East and West will get you 80% of what a perfectly placed south-facing panel will.

What is this EITC tax credit "26%" thing I keep seeing asterisk* for?

*Anything you spend on solar in 2020 qualifies for a 26% Federal tax credit.

We'll make sure to send you these super simple instructions (insert hyper link) before tax season so you can get that money back when you file your taxes!,the%20result%20on%20your%201040.

So will I have power if the power goes out?!

No. Our system as-is is a Grid-tied system, meaning it will only push power to your house when it detects a properly running electrical grid.

Stick with us as we plan to offer a battery solution to round out our system and give you disaster preparedness to boot.

What if I move?

Great question, you can take the panels and electronics with you but the mounts are there to stay! Unless you get a new roof of course. The butyl water sealing technology seals to your shingles and doesn’t let go!

So include the value of the panels and the resulting free electricity in your home's sale price! Then just buy new kits to perfect your new home.

Or you can buy a new set of mounts from us for $198 and easily re-install your setup on your new home.

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