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1st Step Solar

1st Step Solar

3 Guys in a Garage.

The ideas for 1st Step Solar started percolating in 2018 when my dad and I wanted to put solar on our house. First, we called a local installer.  After a couple of $20,000 quotes with estimated 20-year paybacks, we weren't exactly jumping to sign on the bottom line (we know many of you have experienced this). But hey, we are handy folk.  So we decided to just buy a DIY kit.


Turns out that didn't exist.  After months of research on wholesale sites and solar forums, we eventually ordered dozens of parts from various vendors, and managed to assemble a solar array on our house. When it was finally up and running, we looked at each other and said "this should be so much easier." So we set out to make solar simple, to help the solar curious become solar confident.


Solar is the rare option that is both good for your wallet and the planet - so shouldn't it be easy for us all to access? We believe that with the right kit, any semi-handy homeowner can take the first step to being solar powered.


Fast forward a couple years.  We've built the product, and it works great.  We've got dozens of installations on roofs around the USA, producing power from dawn to dusk everyday.  We have an app. We even won the Department of Energy's Solar Prize competition in 2019.  We've made it easier than ever to take that first step to solar power.


So here we are; a few guys trying to make solar simpler for everyone. Let us know how we can help you go solar.

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