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1st Step Solar

1st Step Solar

  • 4 Panel Starter Kit
  • 4 Panel Starter Kit
  • 4 Panel Starter Kit
  • 4 Panel Starter Kit
SKU: 364215376135191

4 Panel Starter Kit


The 1stStepSolar 4 panel (760 W DC) kit contains everything needed to mount this “solar appliance” an asphalt shingled roof. Everything. It includes panels, no-tape-measure-needed mounting system, microinverter, cord, and electricity production monitor. Attach the roof brackets, hang the panel, and plug it in. You are making power. Curious as to how much power you are making? Just plug in the monitor --anywhere in the house (it communicates over house wring). Wanna show your friends your electricity production? Download the free app.

  • 4 -190W 36 Cell panels 

    1 -500W Microinverter + Panel Mount

    10 Roof Mounts + Butyl Mastic Tape and Screws 

    1 -Roof Wire Passthrough 

    1 -Monitor 

    1 -25ft Cord

    1 -Easy Disconnect Tool

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